Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey y'all... I just wanted to update our lives as of now.

As if we hadn't bought enough crap latley... we went out and bought more. Last time I talked about our cute little scooters that we had. Well.... Mister Bigshot Michael decided that he looked "gay" on a little scooter and on Saturday he went to Stephen Wade Powersports and bought a MOTORCYCLE!! I know.. stupid/scary. But hes in love with it! It is a Honda VTX 1300 Retro.. It's actually pretty sweet lookin' and feels pretty sturdy! But as always there is a catch... [and this was on my part since I was VERY VERY against him buying a bike]... If he purchased a bike we would drive straight over to Best Buy and get me a new Macbook since I have ALWAYS wanted one and our computer has a one-way ticket to Trash Land. Well, I guess he wanted his bike that bad cuz as soon as he was done getting his bike we went over to Best Buy and got my new MACBOOK!! OMG i'm so in love with it! Its amazing and has a bunch of crazy stuff on it like Garage Band and a Photobooth thing. I think after this we are done spending for a while haha. 

For those of you that didn't know, I had surgery 2 weeks ago today. I had a laparoscopy and a hystroscopy. They made incisions on my belly and went in to check out why I'm not producing any offspring. They found out what was wrong and I just needa see one more doctor to fix it and hopefully the babies will come!! My mom came and helped take care of me for a week and I LOVED it! I wish she could be here every day she is such a wonderful mom and was so sweet I was so sad when she left. I also started my new job!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! The girls are great and its so nice to be doing makeup again! I ALSO got called to be a Mia Maid advisor in church [Which is part of the Young Womens program and its the 14 and 15 year old girls]. I was a little nervous at first but after going to the class on Sunday I was so happy! Everyone is so nice and one of the girls even came to Clinique to visit me and say hi! We are doing girls camp in a couple of weeks so I'm going to 2 days of that. I cant wait!

Well thats the update for now!!

I'll try to keep posting as much as I can!



P.S. Check out my ticker for weight loss! 15lbs all together!!!!! SOOO excited!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Its the [very hot] life.... ::sigh::

Hey everyoneeee! Well I decided to blog today since I have a lot of free time for the next 2 days lol I left my job at Stephen Wade Honda/Mazda today... whew!! I was tired of wasting time over there! Don't get me wrong... the people there are great! But it just WASN'T for me!! I got a job at Clinique again so I could have some sort of a steady income!![I worked there a couple of years ago and LOVED it and plus they don't have a MAC here haha!] ANDDDDD .... [drum roll please] I started my own makeup business!! Yes kids.. I am the proud owner [Soon very legal owner] of "I Do" Makeup by Donna C. ... Get it? haha. "I Do" for the Bridal part and the fact that I do makeup lol.. I thought it was clever. I got my business cards in and I LOVEEEE them!!!

Heres a weird version of it.. I cut it off the website I ordered them off of.. they are way cuter in person.. and I'm in the process of trying to get a domain for my website... AHHH I can't wait till Michael becomes a store manager so I could find a studio which will be called "I Do" Bridal Makeup: Studio. Ahh... Love. ♥.
So a couple of other things have happened... Michael and I got SCOOTERS!!! haha We were lookin' at gas prices and the fact that EVERYONE has some sort of bike here so were like.. "what the heck? Lets get Mopeds!" So we went over to Stephen Wade Motor Sports and bought them.. Mine is an off white and pastel pink with hibiscus flowers with a SEXY pink helmet
Isn't it cuteee????????? OMG.. im in love with it...

and Michael bought a nice blue one [Hes only keepin this till he gets his motorcycle :) and he REFUSED to get a helmet lol.. silly] and we take them everywhere.. we have saved about 40 bucks combined in gas the last 6 days!! Its so nice to get over 100 miles to the gallon! Heres us on our scooters:
Me... with the asian pose.

Michael... lookin cool... With no helmet.

I thought I was doing so good.. but yesterday I fell in my garage on my scooter... and hurt my knee kinda bad. It was hilarious.. the only person who saw me was this guy building a house across the street. I wish more people would have been there to see me fall! Both bike and rider are in stable condition.
We've got a trip planned out for the 5th through the 8th. Were going to SO CAL!!! Yippee!! We are going to go visit the fam and friends. I cant wait. I love going home I've got the best family in the entire world!
In other news: I was looking at my pictures for a LONG time and realized.. OMG.. im so FAT.. I KNOW I am not HUGE but big enough for people I knew to be like "yeahhh, you have put on weight"[[stab]]. So I decided to do something about it. I got a trainer[Seth.. the greatest trainer in AMERICA], Gym pass, Wii Fit, and have been going to every turbo kick, cardio kickboxing and "pump" class I could squeeze in... proud to say that I have lost 9 pounds so far!! So I will be blogging my progress[mostly with a ticker]. I still have about 14 to lose but with my new healthy eating habits and my obsession with the gym I think it will be easy!! Anyone who wants to lose weight with me let me know!!

Ok well thats it for now!!!

I'll post again soon :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yes. We are still surviving Utah...

Hey everyone!!

I have gotten a lot of messages from people saying "What the heck!? WRITE A BLOG" [Or something of that context] so here I am!! Some great/HUGE/awful/WONDERFUL things have happened in our life: 1. The opening of In N' Out Burger in UTAH!!!! 2. Katy and Richards Wedding/ Going to SJ to visit! 3. Got in my first car accident that it was MY fault!!!!! 4. My little angel Malai dieing 5. Rachel and Doug Shaw coming to visit us/Going to VEGAS and meeting up with my bff VANESSA yayayayay!!!!! And last but CERTAINLY not least... 6. The wonderful investment in XBOX360/[for] ROCKBAND!!!!!

I will elaborate on each one...

Lets begin:

1. The opening of In N' Out Burger in UTAH!!! [and yes i will make every title just how i wrote it in the opening paragraph]-
So finally, the day arrived that all of St. George and Utah has been waiting for. In N' Out opened it's doors to the public on April 22!!! Well, actually on the 21st to special people invited to the little party they had, but to all common folk on the 22!

I was like a over-excited super proud mom on seminary graduation day!! I couldn't stop smiling!! He looked so cute walking around talking to the President and Owner of the company and shaking everyones hand! I loved it!! I feel like a celebrity over here cuz if anyone finds out that I am married to a "manager of In N' Out", I automatically get approval and everyone is SUPER nice to me and tells me how much they love it and how excited they are that its here. It's kinda cool.. Now all I need to do is walk around with a hoodie and huge glasses and dodge the paparazzi!... Yeah... I'm THAT famous! Needless to say, the store is doing GREAT! They are the second busiest in the company and doing around 30,000 burgers a week [60,000 the first week]!! Yay!!

2. Katy and Richards Wedding/ Going to SJ to visit!
FINALLY!!! My little Katy found her Prince Charming and got hitched!!! I was hoping she would find a perfect guy for her that would sweep her off her feet and it happened! On May 10th, Richard and Katy Campbell were married in the Oakland Temple for Time and All Eternity! We got there on the 9th in the afternoon and did all the things we had to do, nails, pick up tuxes, eat at Taiwan.. you know.. the important stuff. [Taiwan is our FAVE Chinese food restaurant!]. It was great cuz we got to meet Richards awesome family and spend that time with them. I also got to practice/learn my dance moves [more about that later]. We all went to bed, excited for the next morning. I think I was more nervous than the night before my OWN wedding [but minus the immense amount of stress]. So we woke up at 6 the next morning and I got movin' on Katys hair and makeup! I was so excited to do it and so glad that I had that little time to spend with her! I airbrushed her makeup on [oooooo.. fancy!] and put in the extensions I got her as a present [figured she would like it more than a blender or something] and we moved our little makeup/hair party to a hotel so the photographers could take pictures of me pretty-fying her [which wasn't hard cuz shes so dang pretty]. In the process of doing all that I burned my arm with the curling iron really bad.. it was gross.. and it hurt really bad.. but if the scar stays I could always say it was from Katy's wedding!! From there we were off to the temple!! It was a gorgeous ceremony and I had to keep reminding myself that I purposely wore regular mascara so I would NOT cry. Side note to Katy if she's reading: Seriously, the time we had after the ceremony when I was helping you with all the stuff was the best part of my whole day. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything. I love you :) . OKKKKKKIE DOKIE.. back to my story!! So we went outside and everyone was so excited!!!

HOW CUTE!!! Well we stood outside and took pictures after that. I have to say that was awful ONLY because my shoes were KILLING me and i wanted to RIP them off and throw them at whoever was in my way. But I stayed strong and smiled like fat kid in a bakery!

hahaha.. look how spread out my feet are!!

After that we went to.... guess!!! I bet you can't guess where we went!!?! Nope.. not there...wait.. I think someone said it.. Did you say In N' Out??? YOUR RIGHT!! [lol]


After that we went home so we could all do our own thing! And then it was off to the reception!! It was at the most GORGEOUS house that I have EVER seen in my life!! There was a pool and it was on a ton of land [the owners of the home have full time gardeners there]. We kind of set up and got ready for the Ring Ceremony and the DANCING!! Everything was so gorgeous!! We danced, ate delicious finger food and talked with family and friends we hadn't seen in a while! Then it was our cue! 5 of the girls from the wedding party and Katy got up and did a WAY cute dance to "The Way I Am " by Ingrid Michealson.. It was so fun and a total surprise to Richard! After that we really got our dance on and prepared for the cake to be cut. Unfortunately, poor Katy nearly hurled at the thought of cake and went to the bathroom with dry heaves. She was dehydrated!!!! She spent over an hour in the bathroom totally miserable but being SUCH a trooper! She eventually came out, on the verge of throwing up again but got some cute pictures and hurried off to the car with Richard to enjoy a fun filled night of... well... you know :) But THAT didn't happen either. Apparently, It wasn't just "nerves" and "stress" and that her "dress is tight". She really was SUPER sick!! She spent her honeymoon night in the hospital [poor] gettin' some hydration back in her. Some of their initial plans to leave to Cancun got screwed up but I really think everything happens for a reason and Heavenly Father didn't want them to go that night. We'll never know why but its for a reason :) They ended up going and had a great time ;)

3. My first car accident that was MY fault!!!!!

Yes kids. I know what your thinking "YOU?? The biggest goofball in America just BARLEY got in your first accident that was YOURRRR fault??". But its true! After getting back from San Jose I was driving to work at 8:27 in the morning and doing my makeup in the car and NOT wearing my seatbelt and I stopped at a light. I looked up and saw green again and assumed that SOMEONE ELSE saw it and decided to GO.. you know.. cuz its GREEN. But no. I plowed right into the guy in front of me. I wasn't wearing my seatbelt [I normally do but I just didn't this morning] my forehead smacked right on the front windsheild and my body hit the steering wheel! I was shaking and crying and got out of the car. Luckily the car I hit was garbage and the guy I hit was the NICEST guy in St. George and told me it was OK and that was just his work van and that it was fine [except the tailgate wasn't really opening but he said that was fine because his friends worked at a body shop and just open it up for him] He told me that it wasn't worth getting the insurance involved cuz they charge you a crap load for insurance for the dumbest things. I calmed down a little but ended up going home and resting. Nothing happened after that. The guy must have gotten his tailgate fixed cuz I have not gotten a call and I'm sure I told him every name and number that I could think of lol. I was SO nervous! But it was a lesson learned : NO DRIVING WITHOUT A SEATBELT AND PAY ATTENTION CUZ ST. GEORGE DRIVERS SUCK!

4. My little angel Malai dieing.

I'm sure many of you know already but my cat that I had for 10 years passed away last week. I took it really hard. I felt as if a human family member of mine had died. It had already been hard for me because of my cat of 12 years going away [probably to die too] but I always kind of hoped that he was really just lost or would show up at my parents one day. But Malai was found and I think that made it a million times harder to actually SEE she wasn't alive. She was wonderful and gave us many memories. I couldn't believe it. I STILL can't believe it. RIP sweetie. We love you!

5. Rachel and Doug Shaw coming to visit/ Going to Vegas and meeting up with my bff Vanessa yayayayay!!!!!
Well Michaels [favorite] missionary companion and his wife came to visit us [along with Doug's buddy Jordan and his new wife Shawnee] for a fun filled memorial weekend!! Good news: Doug just got accepted to dental school!! Bad news: Its in BUFFALO, NEW YORK!! SO sad :( . Well they all decided to come down and visit one last time before they make the move in two weeks and we were SOOO excited!!! The got here and we chit-chatted before heading over to my favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse!!! We were so happy to have them here!! Rachel and I instantly clicked from the first time we ever met!! She's so fun to hang out with and I'm gonna miss her so much!! So of COURSE I was way excited that we were all going to VEGAS together!!! Michael and I got stuck behind cuz I had to work but as soon as I was done we were off!! We got there and it was INSANE!!! SOOOO many people there!! Michael and I were having panic attacks in the car! I was trying to find our little group but also my BFFFFFFFFFF VANESSA was there with Richard her brother!!! I finally found them and was SOOOOOO happy to see her cuz last time I went to So. Cal I didn't really have very much time to spend with her!! We played some penny slots, walked around and went to Denny's!! It was a great night minus the crowd and my shoes ripping into the back of my heel!! We all had a ton of fun laughing and talking! It was a great night!!
Yes. I see the sluts behind us.

6. The wonderful investment in XBOX360/[for] ROCKBAND!!!!!
So Michael and I decided it wasn't enough to have the Wii and Guitar Hero, and that we were too inpatient to wait for Rockband to come out in the Wii. So we went out and got a 360 and shortly thereafter purchased ROCKBAND!! [The best game on earth]!! We have had SO much fun with this game and learning to do the drums is awesome! Michael is so musically inclined that he picked up on all of the instruments there like nothing and can rock "expert" on most of the songs!! Lucky!! I could only do one song on hard with the drums and "medium" is forever my level on the guitar!! I don't understand the orange button!!!! It has been so fun entertaining people hand having Rockband parties at our house!! We cant wait until Rockband II comes out!!!
P.S. We still use our Wii. Michael just got me the Wii Fit which KICKS YOUR BUTT.... and a gym pass........... and a personal trainer...... waitttt a second!!! You think hes trying to tell me something?? LOL.. he probably is haha! I still love him tho!!

Our boys rockin' out to the best game ever! ♥

So thats our life right now!! Love you guys! I'll try to post more often!!

Donna and Michael!!

P.S. Special shout out to Mom and Dad for their birthdays! Mom- May 29th and Dad June 6th! They are both 28 everyone!!! They had me when they were both 6!! [For reals! Look them up in the Guinness Book of World Records].. lol.. love you guys!!!!♥♥

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Parental Units Came to Visit ♥

So my parents have missed me like crazy [and I'm not gonna lie I missed them SOOOOO much too], so they came to visit us!! They got here on Thursday evening because my dad had a business meeting in Henderson. I took the day at work cuz I wasn't feeling too great [and im not gonna lie, having my parents here didn't really push me to really WANT to go to work]. On Thursday night we all stayed in and watched the SHARKS game [BEST TEAM EVER] and turned my parents on to the wonderful game of Hockey. We watched them slaughter the Calgary Flame[r]s [bwahaha] and ordered some pizza!! Yesterday, after Michael got off work, we went ZION NATIONAL PARK!!.. Well, actually we just kind of drove through one of the parts cuz we were too late to take a tour bus [lol] . So we paid to get in, drove about 5 miles in, stopped one place to take a picture to prove we were there....
.... turned around and came back out. We had heard of this little ghost town named Grafton so , being the prepared WONDERFUL husband that he is, Michael BUSTED OUT this paper of how to get to Grafton from Zion!! SOOO off we went. Left, right, right.. ANDDD we see this little sign that says "Grafton Cemetary".. creeeepy.It was open... so we went in. It was sad cuz some of the people were killed by Indians and others were children who died of diphtheria and scarlet fever :( . After we were done seeing the dead Graftonites [?]. We continued down the road in search of Grafton.. the ACTUAL little town.. and lo' and behold in the distance we could see a little .... somethin'.There WAS a ghost town!! It was so awesome to walk around and see the little houses and a church and school and what looked like some sort of town hall? We weren't sure cuz not everything was labeled [some of it was being renovated... boo.. I like the original stuff] Town Hall ... maybe... In our world it was lol

This was the Church and the school... it was for sure cuz we
read it ...

In the process of finding the ghost town... we realized that the real estate in Grafton is AWESOME!!! SOOOO....
..we bought!

And my parents are moving in too!

We decided to move on from this spot and see the rest of Grafton, so we got in our car... started driving down the street and we saw the most amazing thing! Off, in the distance, we saw a weird looking creature.. we couldn't really pinpoint what it was but it was tall and lanky and had some sort of a "humanly" figure to it.. I took out my camera and zoomed in.. Yep... we KNEW it....


We let the dear creature roam in peace... knowing they could get vicious when they are hor... umm.. hungry.. We finally got to an area that was closed/fenced off. When Michael was getting his hair cut last week the girl that was cutting his hair said that she had gone in the basement of one of the Grafton houses.. we thought it was the "Town Hall" house, so we were angry when the basement was closed off. Being the obedient adults that we are, we hopped the fence and went into the house, hoping that it wasn't locked like the last house.

Isn't it scary lookin?

Well we walked right up to the house and looked around "explored" [take note of this word]... this one was open and the basement actually had no door. It was actually cute... horribly scary.. but cute!!!

Can you tell how scared we really are?? [Lol]

We decided to call it a night and say bye to our cute little town.. knowing that Michael will drag me back with his friends at night to "explore" which is code word for "scare the crap out of Donna".

We went home and my dad made his famous spaghetti for us and we allll went peacefully to sleep....



Donna and Mike

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to St.. George...

Well it has been an interesting year and 5 months. So far we have moved 4 times and have ultimately ended up here in St. George, Utah. We decided to move here a couple of months ago when they announced the opening of In N' Out burger out here in SG. Michael is the assistant manager and has been working for the company for about 5 years. So he put his name out there to be a manager and he got it. It was nice to know that we could afford a house out here and be paying less for a house than for a freakin 1 bedroom townhouse .. INNSANE.. But I did NOT want to go.. NOT AT ALL.. the thought of leaving my friends [Armi, Aimi, Serg, Jeremy, Angel, Angie.. etc... If i forgot you sorry lol] made me want to vomit. I cried... a lot. Soo off we went... from beautiful green San Jose on a 12 hour road trip with a Uhaul. Sheila [Mikes mom] came with me in my car so I wouldnt fall asleep or hurl all over the place [I'm known for getting car sick].. It was a surprisingly really great drive and i stayed awake the entire time! Sheila drove cuz i'm lazy but we had fun talking and bugging Michael on the walkie talkie haha. [Not as many pit stops as i thought there would be haha] Soooooo we finally got in around 3 or so in the morning annnnnd I walked through my door and instantly fell in love with my house....... 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms [our bathroom has a HUGE jetted tub YAY!!] of pure FUN !! I'm sure my eyes had "Interior decoration" across them cuz all i could picture was where our new flat screen was goin' and our how gorgeous my island would look all decorated ♥.
It has been really nice living here so far. We have made some friends next door and they are AWESOME!! We had dinner at their house tonight and they are just so welcoming and have 3 kids!!! SOOOOO cute! Can't wait to make new friends and hopefully expand our family soon [yeah right, i've been prayin for that for the last 9 months and NADA.. hopefully Ü] Well we better go to bed.. both have work in the morning and were not really happy that the stupid Sharks LOST to the Flames tonight.. when WE were in the lead and scored 3 goals in the first 3 minutes and 33 seconds [lolweird]!?!! WTH? OHH well, we'll beat them tomorrow! Were only happy cuz Ambre won for ROCK OF LOVE 2 so YAY! Ditsy Daisy got the boot lol!!! OK.. well I'll keep postin and letting everyone know how were doing over here!!!

♥ YOU ALL :)